CES 2014

It has been a while since CES 2014, to be honest, it is not as good as I expected, but still I think it could show some trends.

Here are some products I saw there:

Wearable device

  • orcam : www.orcam.com

    create wearable tech that runs advanced computer vision algo in real time. Our first product, an intuitive eyeglasses-mounted camera that compensates for lost visual abilities – helps people with low vision in their daily lives. Using proprietary vision tech, or cam’s device responds to gestures, reads text and recognizes objects and scenarios instantly. It speaks what it sees through a bone-conductoin earpiece.

  • ibitz : wireless activity trackers for the whole family:

Intelligent Home

  • canary : the first smart home security device for everyone
  • NEXIA : home intelligence

Online Learning

  • whyville : 100+ games for learning
  • versal: a new way to easily create and publish amazingly interactive online courses – no coding required. It’s free and open to everyone.


  • moss : modular robotics

Big Data Analysis

  • Pricels : Follow any product and get real-time pricing & market intelligence
  • Cityzen Science: Innovation catalyst custom-made solutions, from sensors to data
    ( @CityzenSciences @CityzenData )


  • kidsemail.org : email filter for kids
  • iCamHD : The world’s first Skype IP Camera for your home
  • AIRTAME : Duplicate your computer screen
  • Xdroid : business and artificial intelligence solution
  • Twiky Pilot Pad : Redefines the future of tablet tech with the revolutionary first pilot pad companion for tablets
  • kubi : turn your tablet into a dynamic video conferencing tool

    KUBI is a tablet stand for telepresence that you control over the web, a robotic neck that enables you to look around and interact during video calls.

  • KUDOS TECH : Integrated Mobile Power, Wireless Charging and more …
  • Fleksy keyboard : Happy Typing, Fresh unique approach unprecedented accuracy, fast and easy
  • Telstar : Projector
  • iPhone sticker : Cellfy stic, mounts to any smooth surface with integrated suction cups.
  • BASS EGG : Everything is a speaker
  • BINPAD : New way of hierarchical thinking
  • VoicePark : Find place to park
  • JOYTOWER : creative digital art, transparent LED display, 3D Mapping, motion sensing, augmented reality, multi-touch

Another interesting thing is, I heard a lot of “It is cool, man” when people see your product, sometimes they really mean it, sometimes, however, they are just trying to be polite, when people are saying “It is cool”, I really want a machine that could distinguish them – do they really mean it or just being polite.

Anyway, about Las Vegas, not much fun either, I think that because I didn’t go to stripper club. Circus Circus hotel sucks, but Venetian is really a good one.

I hope I could demo tinker game in CES 2015.


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