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Unicorn – A W3C Validator


Validate current web page url in W3C Unicorn, then you will see whether the page’s HTML and CSS pass the standards set by W3C.



下载Unicorn extension for Safari

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  1. Giovanni Lovato

    Great extension! Can you please add support for validating sending the page’s source code to the validator rather than the URL? I have a private webserver and the validator can’t access it so it would be useful to use your extension instead of copy and paste to the validator page. Thank you!

  2. Vonbo *

    @Lovato hi, I have modified a new version which support to validate local html source code rather than a URL, and send it to you email, please check it.

  3. Manfredi Giordano

    Hi, I’m using your extension and it looks great…
    I wonder if you can add support for validating a locally stored .html file.

    Thank you and nice job!

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